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Kaillera Hints and Tips

Functions of these programs.

- NoEnter - Kicks people who join your PLAYING game.

Benefits: ONLY the host needs to have it so it protects everyone in game, even people that dont have it.
*Note* - It has not been tested on all operating systems so may not work for everyone.

- Anti-close - Once people do join your playing game this program prevents them from being able to close it.
Benefits - Works for everyone on mame. However everyone in game needs this program to be protected from game closers.

I will be working on combining the functions of these two programs to make an even better ant-spamming program but stay tuned on that.

To use them is simple.

Step 1 : Download the anti close program OR noenter program

Step 2: Put in your mame32k directory. It should be C:\Program Files\MAME32k

Step 3: Double Click (or if its zipped such as noenter is unzip to mame dir) the no close program to run it. A box should pop up that says "a usar solo juando joden con el
CLOSE :( " This is spanish which basically means just use this program so people can't close your games.

Step 4: Hit ok to this and you should be set.

IMPORTANT: USE THIS AS A LOADER for MAME. So use this to ALWAYS run MAME. You dont need to click on your old mame file
to run it just this one now. However, DO NOT delete anything just keep everything and use the no program from now on to
go on kaillera. ENJOY

-This info is courtesy of Dark Addictz Team

Here are other Tips that may serve helpful against spammers.

You know when spammers just keep joining your games and you get that annoying sound that lags the game?

Well there is a solution to that:


In the Kaillera server-select window, click on Options and then disable the
"Play sound when players join" option... Doing so stops the half second delay that occurs when people join
your game (and also the annoying BOING!). Spammers who join your game over and over again do not freeze you at all.

In addition in the same Options tab (the screen when you get the server list), uncheck "Display Join/Quit Messages"

This will also eliminate other annoying spamming techniques.


First Tip

If spammers join your game and start typing crap all over the screen there are 2 methods you can use to counter that.

First method is you can totally turn off text. This can be achieved by:

Step 1. Open up mame. (MAME32k.exe)

Step 2. In the main window (that displays the roms you have) Goto 'Options' then select 'Default Options'

Step 3. Then Click on the 'Miscellaneous' Tab which you should see "Clear Text Speed" Move the bar upwards. The smaller
the number, the faster the text that is typed during a game will clear. Speed 1. Clears text almost instantaneously
and speed 0 (all the way at the top) has NO text. Therefore you will not be able to read text full screen. HOWEVER,
you can read text if you play in window where your screen is not full screen and can see the chat box in the server.

Second Tip

You can set your actual text background to different colors DURING a playing game. This can be achieved by simply
pressing the 'Home' key on your Keyboard. Mess around with it until you get the background that is clear.
Or that bothers you the least when spammers join games.

I hope that you have found these tips helpful. You may download these two programs below: